When you think about Vedic astrology or a Vedic astrologer, it is one who is well-versed with all the methods and techniques of astrology discussed in the Vedas or scriptures. If you are hunting for one of the finest astrologers in Dehradun or rather in India, your search might come to a close with Maharishi Parasar Vidhyalay.

He is one of the stalwarts when it comes to predicting the events which are to unfold in a person's life. Whether it is making predictions for marriage, career, foreign settlement, birth time rectification, etc. He has been practicing astrology for more than two decades and has gone through end- number of horoscopes and perfected the art of predictions. He is also a maven in past life regression and karma correction, which keeps him aloof of all the competition.
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We Maharishi Parashar Vidyalaya has created its niche in the astrology world and has become a popular brand name. We conduct workshops, seminars and research associated with astrology and related Fields.
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